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About us

The Kaminari-Sama Marketplace is the Official shop for artists related the Kaminari-Network, and include bands released by Kaminari Records, such as Primitive Reason, Head of the Elephant, Moksha Burning, One of the Asthmatics, and The High Djinn among others. Artists such as Kijiermono, Eye-Rebel and Willingthe7 as well as photographer Momotaro are also part of the family. On our store you can find items by all these artists and you can rest assured that all revenue goes directly to them.

We at the Kaminari-Network are a tight-nit community and we pool our resources to help each other stay true to originality and independent art-making. We prefer to stay small, and we prefer to stay independent and go-it-our-own so to speak. This is why we have created the Kaminari Marketplace to foster our creations and help our artists pick the fruits of their labour.

We are based out of sunny Portugal and have been working since '99 to reach full independence and develop our own market. Albeit, this particular shop was created in early 2016 as a way to fulfil our needs and reach a global community of like-minded people. We are a small staff of single-bodied people with many artistic personas.

You can reach us through the following email: